"Manage lameness and joint issues with confidence"

What is Spryng?

Spryng with Osteocushion Technology is a revolutionary intra-articular injectable medical device. Once injected it creates a shock-absorbing matrix that works with synovial fluid to mimic the protective form and function of normal, healthy cartilage. 

It is designed to prevent the occurrence and reoccurrence of joint pain from loss of cartilage by augmenting and reinforcing cartilage to assist in normalization of joint function. 


Administration of Spryng is performed using sterile technique and sedation. The amount of Spryng needed depends on your pet's joint space size and is determined by weight. It is also dependent on how many joints are being injected. Multiple joints can be injected in one procedure. 

Cost is determined by the size of your pet and how many joints will be injected. An estimate can be provided after supplying which joints require injections and the size of your pet. 

The Procedure

For further information about Spryng:

Visit the manufacturer's website at https://www.sprynghealth.com/