Paw and Purr Surgical and Dental Care

This hospital was initially designed to provide needed surgical or dental care for pets who may otherwise be unable to receive it due to financial reasons. We are focused on providing high-quality yet affordable surgical and dental care for your pet. We do not require a referral from another hospital for your pet to receive care from us. For simplicity the total cost of the procedure has been provided for most procedures. We do not nickel and dime and add on extra fees at the end. The listed price also includes your consultation and patient examination. Detailed breakdown of those prices are available below. 

We are an outpatient facility which means your pet will go home the same day as their procedure. They are admitted early in the morning (between 8 and 8:30am) and will go home following recovery in the late-morning or afternoon. Depending on the procedure, your primary care veterinarian may recommend overnight monitoring with them or an emergency hospital therefore it is always recommended to talk with your vet to determine your plan for aftercare. 

Full payment for the procedure is due at the time of admission. Some procedures have a low price and high price listed which will depend on the length and difficulty of the procedure. The low price is the payment that is due at admission. Certain procedures require a deposit at the time of scheduling. We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Carecredit and Scratchpay. We also accept direct payment from Trupanion pet insurance. We do not accept checks. 

It is imperative that we be notified as soon as possible if you are unable to make your appointment so that other patients needing help may be scheduled. 

Follow-up recheck examinations and staple or suture removal are included in the initial surgery cost. If another veterinarian has referred you to us we will send your pet's completed surgery record back to them once all notes are entered. It is very important to strictly follow the home care instructions after the procedure to avoid complications. In case of a complication please contact us. 

Our goal is not to "steal" pet parents from other veterinary practices. For that reason we do not provide preventative or non-surgical procedures such as vaccination or sick appointments. Please refer to your primary veterinarian for these. 

Surgical services

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