Orthopedic Surgery


Limb amputation

The surgical removal of a leg. Limb amputation is the treatment of choice when certain types of cancers (such as bone cancer) are affecting the limb, a bone cannot be repaired, or tissue damage is too extensive. 

Digit amputation

The surgical removal of a toe. This is needed when a toe is affected by cancer, a non-healing bone, or a non-healing wound. 

Pricing: $900-1100, histopathology is an additional $250

Tail amputation

The surgical removal of the tail. This is typically needed following a trauma of some kind (caught in a recliner or door, hit by car) or for removal of a tumor on the tail. 

Pricing: $950 cat, $1100-1300 dog; when not due to trauma, histopathology can be added for $250

Knee surgery

TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy)

This is considered the gold-standard treatment for cruciate rupture (CCL tear) in a large breed dog. The tibia shifts forward relative to the femur when the ligament ruptures causing pain. In this procedure the tibia is cut, the angle is adjusted, and a plate is placed preventing the forward movement of the tibia. This procedure has a very high rate of success and is the preferred choice for dogs over 40 pounds.

Pricing: $3650 (this includes the preoperative visit, sedation, and x-rays; TPLO surgery)

Lateral suture

This is a traditional procedure for cruciate repair that has been around for years and is still used routinely. In this procedure a prosthetic ligament made of strong nylon suture material is used to replace the function of the torn CCL. Since over time the suture material can stretch and break this is a temporary stabilization. This procedure ultimately relies on development of fibrous tissue around the joint taking over the function of the suture material and stabilizing the knee joint. This procedure is less invasive and quicker to perform but can have mixed results in large dogs. This is why it is preferred for smaller patients (30 pounds and under). 

Pricing: $2000 - 2600

Post-operative CCL repair care instructions:

MPL repair (medial patellar luxation)

An MPL is when the "knee cap" slides in and out of natural position. It is graded out of 4 depending on the severity of the luxation. This is a very common disease in small dogs but can also be seen in some larger breeds such as labrador retrievers. MPL's are not always problematic and many mild cases can be medically managed. However, if the MPL is causing lameness or is a grade 3 or 4 surgery is indicated. 

Early surgical intervention is recommended in these cases to prevent worsening disease progression, osteoarthritis, and secondary complications. MPL's can cause excessive strain on supporting ligaments including the cruciate ligament. It is not uncommon for a pet with an MPL to also have a CCL tear.

Pricing: $2200 - 2600

Miscellaneous orthopedics

FHO (femoral head osteotomy)

An FHO is performed with conditions such as hip dysplasia, hip luxation, osteoarthritis, and aseptic necrosis of the femoral head (Legg-Calves-Perthes disease). In a normal hip the head of the femur will fit snuggly into the hip socket (acetabulum) and rotate smoothly. In certain disease this rotation is disrupted causing grinding in the joint leading to pain. An FHO eliminates the source of the pain and creates a false joint through the formation of scar tissue. This procedure is most successful in dogs less than 45 pounds. 

Pricing: $1800-2200

Fracture repair

Depending on the type of fracture external stabilization with a cast or bandage may be all that is required. Some fractures however require surgical intervention through internal fixation with pins or plates. Once the Doctor receives your pet's medical record and x-rays, they can review them and determine if surgery is the best option for treatment. 

Every fracture is different and requires different treatment therefore accurate pricing cannot be provided ahead of time.