Soft Tissue Surgery


Mass Removals

Surgical removal of cancerous or non-cancerous growths. The number and size of the growths can vary from one large growth removal to several small growth removals. 

Depending on the type of growth it may be recommended to send it out for further evaluation after removal. This is called a "biopsy" or "histopathology". This will give more information such as the specific type of growth and if all the cancerous cells were removed during the surgery.

The price will be determined by the number and length of time for the procedure. 

Pricing: $500-2000, histopathology is an additional $250

Skin biopsy

Removal and submission of a small sample of abnormal tissue. Biopsy is typically used when definitive diagnosis is needed before appropriate treatment can be determined (surgery vs. medication vs. radiation). 

Most commonly the areas biopsied are the nose, paw pads, digit, and limbs. 

 Pricing is determined by the size of biopsy, number of locations biopsied, and the type of testing required for the tissue (histopathology, fungal culture, bacterial culture, etc). 


Wounds can vary from small punctures due to dog or cat bites, to large lacerations from being hit by a car. We treat them all. 

Simple wounds can typically be treated in 1 session. More severe wounds may take several sessions of repeated bandage changing before the wound is healed or surgical closure can be completed.

Every wound is different and requires different treatment so accurate pricing is not able to be provided ahead of time.


The surgical removal of excessive skin folds around the vulva. This is most typically seen with bulldogs, mastiffs, and beagles. A "recessed vulva" can lead to chronic perivulvar skin infections or urinary tract infections. This surgery will correct the defect and prevent these recurrent infections. 

Pricing: $1200-1400

Facial fold resection

The surgical removal of excessive skin folds around the face. This is most typically seen with bulldogs, pugs, boston terriers, pekingese, and persian cats. Moisture can become trapped in these folds leading to recurrent skin infections. This excessive skin can also rub against the eye causing chronic irritation. 

Pricing: $1000-1200


The surgical removal of cancerous breast tissue. In cats there is a high risk of malignancy therefore surgical treatment involves surgical removal of one or both sides of the mammary chain. 

Pricing: <20 pounds - $1250 for 1 quadrant, >20 pounds - $1500 for 1 quadrant

each additional quadrant is $250 - histopathology is an additional $250

Abdominal Surgery

Foreign body obstruction

Pricing: $1500-2900 

(Base price includes an exploratory laparotomy - price is dependent if single incision or multiple incisions with surgical removal of intestines)


The surgical removal of the spleen due to cancer or torsion

Pricing: $1600-2200

Histopathology is an additional $250


The surgical removal of bladder stones

Pricing: $1600-1800 (dog) $1200-1500 (cat)

Cost includes the stone analysis

Perineal Urethrostomy

A procedure in a male cat to bypass the urethra when a disease (stone, stricture, or tumor) is preventing urination

Pricing: Cystotomy price + $200-500;

if not performed with cystotomy $1500-1700

Scrotal urethrostomy

A procedure in a male dog to bypass the urethra when a disease (stone, stricture, or tumor) is preventing urination

Pricing: Cystotomy price + $200-500; 

if not performed with cystotomy $1100-1400


Prophylactic stomach tacking to prevent the stomach from twisting. Most commonly performed in large/giant breed dogs due to high risk of GDV (gastric dilitation volvulus). 

This can be performed by itself or at the time of the spay or neuter.

Pricing: $1400 by itself. $1800 - includes spay or neuter.


A life-threatening infection in the uterus. A spay is performed emergently to treat this condition.

Pricing: $1600 (dog) $1400 (cat)


The surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries. Also known as an ovariohysterectomy.

Pricing: $400-800 dog, $350 (cat)


When the testicle does not descend into the scrotum. This can occur on one side or both sides. Undescended testicles are a high risk for developing cancer. The testicle location can vary from prescrotal, inguinal, to abdominal. 

Pricing: $100-400 in addition to neuter price (depending on location and if 1 or 2)


The surgical removal of the testicles.

Pricing: $350-500 (dog), $300 (cat)


an abnormal opening through which an organ or tissue protrudes

Umbilical hernia

This occurs when the umbilicus incompletely closes after birth. Herniated contents are usually fat but can also include intestines. 

These are most commonly first noted when your pet is a puppy or kitten and are typically repaired during the spay or neuter. If your pet is already fixed these can be repaired by themselves.

Pricing: $175 in addition to spay or neuter

Perineal hernia repair

This occurs when the muscles supporting the pelvis become weak. Herniated contents can include fat, the bladder, or intestines. This will appear as a swelling on one or both sides of your pet's rectum. These are typically seen in older, intact male dogs.

Pricing is dependent if it's unilateral or bilateral and the size of the pet. 

Pricing: $1800-2500

Eye surgery


The surgical removal of one or both eyes. This is usually a result of trauma or severe infection. 

Pricing: Single $1100, Bilateral $1600

"Cherry eye" (prolapsed gland of the third eyelid)

This will appear as a red or pink bump on the inner part of your dog's eye and can occur on one side or both sides. 

This gland is responsible for the majority of the tear film production. If not repaired this can lead to dry eye or the gland can rub the eye leading to corneal damage and infection. The longer you wait to repair the higher the chance for permanent damage including visual impairment. 

Pricing: Single $1000, Bilateral $1400

Eyelid tumor removal

The majority of these tumors are a benign growth called a Meibomian gland adenoma. Other types include papillomas or melanomas. 

As these tumors grow they can begin to irritate the cornea leading to ulceration and infection.  

Pricing: $775-975

Entropion repair

An abnormal rolling inward of the eyelids. This occurs more commonly with the lower lids and results in painful rubbing of the hair on the eye, ulceration, perforation, or scarring which can impair vision. In the majority of cases both eyes are affected.

Pricing: $700 per eyelid

ENT (Ears, nose, throat) surgery

Ear (aural) Hematoma

This occurs when the blood vessels within your pet's ear flap rupture. This is typically a result of excessive head shaking due to infection, allergies, or bites. This is a painful condition so prompt treatment is recommended. 

If left untreated the body will absorb the hematoma over several weeks causing damage to the surrounding tissues. This results in a "cauliflower" ear that can cause obstruction to the ear canal and further issues.

Pricing: $800-1000 (one ear), $1200-1400 (both ears) 

TECA (total ear canal ablation) and bulla osteotomy

The surgical removal of the entire ear canal while the ear flap is left in place. This type of surgery is typically needed for pets with chronic symptoms that are no longer responding to medicine. 

Pricing: $2000 one side, $3000 both sides (only one side performed at a time)

Brachycephalic airway syndrome

This includes stenotic nares, an elongated soft palate, and a hypoplastic trachea. This syndrome is most typically seen in english and french bulldogs, boston terriers, pekingese, pugs, and shih tzus. 

Stenotic nares are malformed nostrils that are too small or collapse inward during inhalation, making it difficult for your pet to breathe through their nose. An elongated soft palate extends at least 3mm past the epiglottis obstructing the airway. 

Stenotic nares and soft palate resection can be performed separately or at the same time. If performed separately it is recommended to correct the nose first. 

If these conditions are left untreated this can lead to everted laryngeal saccules or laryngeal collapse. The longer you wait the higher the chance for irreversible secondary changes in your pet's airway therefore it is recommended to perform these surgeries when your pet is young. 

Pricing: stenotic nares + soft palate resection $1700-2000

Stenotic nares $1000-1300, soft palate resection $1000-$1300

**Note: Prices are subject to change at any time

For any surgery not listed please call the office to inquire at 317-315-4003

We do not perform ear cropping, tail docking, or declaws.