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Why We are Here

Paw and Purr was developed by Dr. Katherine Hill to provide advanced surgical and dental techniques at affordable prices. We work in partnership with primary care veterinarians to provide an alternative option to the high prices of specialist surgeons. The Doctors along with their experienced support staff are committed to providing high quality, compassionate, and individualized surgical care for your pet. 

Fear Free Certified Staff

With fear-free certified professionals taking care of your pet every step of the way you can feel assured they are in safe hands. We take extra care in ensuring your pet has as comfortable an experience as possible.

Newest technology

Our hospital is outfitted with the most advanced equipment including specialized kennels to provide the best environment for your pet's recovery and the latest in electrocautery and vessel sealing technology

Electrocautery provides major benefits over standard scalpel blade surgery including reduced surgical time, reduced bleeding, and reduced post-operative complications such as pain, swelling, and infection. 

We also provide the highest level of care with gold standard anesthetics including local blocks for the best in pain relief. Nocita is a long-lasting local anesthetic that provides potent, consistent pain relief for 72 hours. Nocita has many benefits including a smoother recovery and less opioid use so less opioid related side effects such as gastrointestinal distress and dysphoria. Parents who's pets have received Nocita notice a quicker return to normal with a willingness to eat, walk, and potty on their own. 

Dog in Casco kennel

Safe & Comfortable

Our hospital is outfitted with the latest in fear free veterinary patient housing. The Casco kennels are significantly quieter compared to the metal alternative. Each kennel is individually heated providing a warm, quiet environment for a speedy recovery. Each kennel is also outfitted with it's own LED dimmable lighting system for a soft, calming environment. 

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